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Hermitage of the White Friars is surrounded by 60,000 square meters of natural, uncontaminated woods. Once an ancient monastic complex of Camaldolites, the Hermitage is an enchanted place, with grottoes carved out of the tufa rock, creating an atmosphere that preserves intact the magical aura of time and traditions. Here, a truly unspoiled natural environment was both recipient and watchful guardian of the prayers and work of the ‘White Friars’ who mainly devoted themselves to forest agronomy and agriculture, for centuries. From this place in which peace and silence reign, the neighboring farmers have inherited a love for tending grapevines. And it was this magical place which inspired the Sparapani family to produce great wines, the fruit of hard work and passion.
The grapes are harvested and brought into the winery only when they have reached the ideal degree of ripeness for each type of vinification process. Only the very best bunches of grapes can become part of a process that is founded on tradition and experience in managing the various phases, including processing and waiting, but which is also based on useful technology that can both enhance the primary and secondary characteristics of the Verdicchio and keep them unaltered over time. Modern technology provides a simpler and surer way to obtain results that, nevertheless, are dictated by the experience, the customary ways, the know-how of people who are dedicated and committed to excellence. Whether we are speaking of the actual vinification process, of the choice of timing for the various phases, or of the ageing for the more structured wines, this is the only way that we can achieve the most prestigious results from our grapes, working as a team.
The founder relies on old family traditions and secrets handed down from generation to generation; the business thrives on the family’s work ethic and sets as its primary objective, quality without compromise. The 12 hectares of the estate, all planted with Verdicchio, do the rest. The Verdicchio is a white grape that is cultivated exclusively in the Marche region, with Cupramontana as its wine-growing capital. The vine is extremely generous, versatile and productive; the vinification is pure and the end products are fresh wines as well as more structured wines with greater longevity. The same grape can be used to produce sparkling wines, using both the Méthode Classique and the Charmat, always of great quality. The Sparapani vineyards benefit from an ideal microclimate, the right altitude and an especially favorable terroir. In addition to these natural features, the wine-growing process is further enhanced by a constant scientific control over all phases of grape ripening and by a careful selection that is guaranteed by hand-harvesting.
Fragrant, fruited, floral, with almond and citrus scents, soft, pleasantly balanced.
The labels.The Via Salerna was the old unpaved road that led from the center of Cupramontana towards the surrounding countryside, traversing the Sparapani vineyards. Shaded by elms and oaks that have stood the test of time, it rambles on today, alongside the vineyards and still blessed by the comforting profile of Monte San Vicino on the horizon. Its history is also the history of the Verdicchio.
First bottling: 1990 Area of production: Cupramontana (An) Altitude: 400 metres above sea level Vines planted: 1975 Size of vineyard: 2 hectares Grapes: 100% Verdicchio (native) Annual production: 10.000 bottles Harvest: manual Production: 6 months in steel containers Finish: 1 months in bottle Alcohol content: 13% Appearance: clear straw-yellow colour with green highlights, well-bodied Bouquet: presents the fruity, floral fragrances typical of Verdicchio, with a prevalence of acacia flowers, white fruit, star anise and hints of citrus and almond Taste: fresh citrus & floral flavours leading to a full coolness and a gentle softness, all well balanced. Smooth, refreshing and slightly mineral finish Accompanies: meat and fish.
Crystal clear, intense, complex, with fruited and floral sensations, enveloping and almondy.
First bottling: 1996 Area of production: Cupramontana (An) Altitude: 450 metres above sea level Vines planted: 1970 Size of vineyard: 5 hectares Grapes: 100% Verdicchio (native) Annual production: 20.000 bottles Harvest: manual, in crates Production: 6 months in steel containers Finish: 4 months in bottle Alcohol content: 13,5% Appearance: clear, intense straw-yellow with golden-green tones, strong and lively colour indicating good body Bouquet: intense and complex, encompassing scents of yellow-fleshed peaches and apricots, acacia flowers Taste: a beautifully structured taste that envelops the palate, soft impact with a cool return and good flavour with hints of citrus. A pleasant finish leaves traces of almond and a hint of saltiness Accompanies: entrees, meat, fish and cheese.
The labels. This label, hand-drawn by Cinzia Tonini, Giuseppe Sparapani’s wife, is a synthesis of all the love of our land: there’s the Prior of the old Hermitage which stands near our vineyards and which has passed on the culture of wine-growing and there’s the familiar profile of Monte San Vicino looking down benevolently on the Verdicchio production zone.
The labels. Cloe Sparapani is the firstborn child of the third generation of the Sparapani wine-growers. Her birth brought not only immense joy, but also a jolt of life, for she is the inspiration behind the new great Verdicchio obtained from the best grapes and prized woods. Its character, already strong and noble, earned the title of ‘Donna’, as in ‘Lady’, for the “Lady Chloe” label.
First bottling: 2009 Area of production: Castellaro - Serra San Quirico (An) Altitude: 450 metres above sea level Vines planted: 1970 Size of vineyard: 5 hectares Grapes: 100% Verdicchio (native) Annual production: 1.300 bottles Harvest: manual, in crates Production: in 1000-litre oak barrels for 15 months Finish: 6 months in bottle Alcohol content: 14% Appearance: golden yellow Bouquet: smooth scents of essential oils of rosemary, bay and eucalyptus along with tones of dried fruit, almond, hazelnut, candied citrus and a delicate hint of vanilla Taste: exuberant, full and powerful with pronounced tones of apricot followed by a gentle hint of licorice root and a light tannin finish. Excellent for aging Accompanies: semi-mature cheese, roast white meats and mature cold-cuts.
Balsamic notes and essential oils, with rosemary and bay leaf scents,  both exuberant and austere, surprisingly evolutionary.
Garnet, tending towards an intense ruby red, lively, consistent, with notes of ripe cherries, balanced and elegant.
The labels. This label of “Le Terre” shows a painting by Cinzia Tonini, Giuseppe Sparapani’s wife, reproduces the earth-tone shades of the land in Autumn, when the blinding hues of Summer give way to a deeper and intense palette of colors. Green fades to yellow, brown takes on a reddish tinge and the vines are ready to yield their best fruits: it’s harvest time!
First bottling: 2000 Area of production: Marche Altitude: 400 metres above sea level Vines planted: 1980 Size of vineyard: 2 hectares Grapes: 70% Montepulciano, 30% San Giovese Annual production: 5.000 bottles Harvest: manual Production: 12 months oak vats Finish: 3 months in bottle Alcohol content: 13% Appearance: deep burgundy red Bouquet: intense and fruity with hints of ripe cherries, morello cherries and plums with a light, spicy note and good body Taste: refined balance between smooth and silky tannins, full bodied with rich concentrated flavours, satisfying the palate with its structured elegance. Long finish which leaves a pleasant matured fruity aftertaste. Will continue to age beautifully Accompanies: meat, matured cheese and cold cuts.
Crystal clear, a pale straw yellow with a light and persistent perlage, fresh, dry, captivating.
The labels. The fruited and fresh notes so typical of the Verdicchio, enhanced by the refermentation prescribed by the Charmat method which requires a long resting period on yeasts, are echoed in the rich and balanced design of this label where the coppery gold accents reflect the generosity and elegance of this refined Brut.
Classification: sparkling wine fermented in pressure-controlled vats Area of production: Cupramontana (An) Altitude: 400 metres above sea level Vines planted: 1987 Cultivation: spurred rows Grapes: verdicchio Harvest: manual Vinification: temperature-controlled, white wine vinification in pressure-controlled vats for four months Alcohol content: 12% Colour: crystal clear, light straw yellow, delicate and consistent Bouquet: tempting, fruity, with yeasty hints Taste: fresh, dry with typical verdicchio taste Accompanies: meat and fish Recommended glass: champagne flute.
Classification: sparkling wine fermented in bottles according to the traditional method Area of production: Cupramontana (An) Altitude: 400 metres above sea level Cultivation: guyot and double arched curve Grapes: 100% Verdicchio (native) Harvest: manual Vinification: the refinement in bottles comes about in the holding area of the ageing cellar. All of the working phases (Remoige, Degorgement) are carried out manually. The settlement period on the yeast is minimum 4 years Alcohol content: 12,5% Colour: bright straw yellow, brilliant with very fine, persistent, numerous bubbles Bouquet: quite intense, elegant and typical. Scents of bread crust and mature dried fruits, recalling nuts and toasted almonds Taste: dry, warm, quite soft and fresh with good sapidity, full bodied, and well-balanced. Long persistence that reconfirms the elegant notes perceived by olfaction Accompanies: a good accompaniment for any meal, this wine is very good with seafood, shellfish and meat based starters, pork, salted meat of any kind, first course pasta dishes with seafood or shellfish sauces, mixed fries cooked “all’italiana”, fish dishes. Ideal with all types of shellfish Recommended glass: a wide flute for noble, classic method sparkling wines.
Of a lively straw yellow color, with a fine, persistent and abundant perlage,with scents of bread and ripe fruit.
The labels. In the Méthode Classique, the bottle is the heart of the refermentation and dosage that characterizes a Brut, acting as both a witness and interpreter of the quality of the grapes and of the producer’s skill. The use of black and dark colors, accented by elegant, hot-laminated touches, make this label stand out and proffers a ‘noble’ air to the bottle, a fitting vessel for a great Brut.
Classification: sparkling white wine Area of production: Cupramontana (An) Altitude: 400 metres above sea level Cultivation: guyot and double arched curve Grapes: Verdicchio and Muscat Harvest: early, manual Vinification: soft pressing, cleaning of the must and fermentation at a controlled temperature. Re-fermentation in large vats according to the Martinotti method (charmat) Alcohol content: 9,5% Colour: light straw yellow, brilliant with fine, persistent, numerous bubbles Bouquet: good intensity and aromatic persistency. Fragrant sense with delicate but defined recognition of muscat grapes, sage, honey and exotic fruit Taste: sweet, quite warm and soft, with a good freshness and notable balance with the soft components. Delicate body. Pleasant long taste-scent persistence, slightly bitter aftertaste of sage and muscat grapes Accompanies: desserts such as panettone Milanese, pandoro Veronese and Tiramisu Recommended glass: champagne bowls for aromatic sparkling wines.
The labels. This sweet Charmat method sparkling wine is obtained from the partial refermentation of the best Verdicchio grape must. Its distinguishing features are liveliness and elegance, two qualities which are masterfully represented on a label where the positive expression of  white is combined with a nicely refined touch of silver.
A pale straw yellow, brilliant, with a fine and persistent perlage. Fragrant and delicate, with notes of sage, honey and Muscat grape.
The labels. The light, fresh and elegant features of this Verdicchio grappa are visible to the naked eye thanks to a “transparent” label which enhances the crystal clear contents of the bottle, playing on the lack of anything but the lightest of prized metallic laminates.
Distillation method: steam distilled with continuous distillation Alcohol content: 42% Appearance: crystal clear Bouquet: delicately floral with hints of sweet spices Taste: harmonious and smooth on the palate Aftertaste: full and persistent, it elegantly expresses its fresh characteristics Serving temperature: 8-10°c Recommended glass: small tulip-shaped crystal glass.
Crystal clear, delicate, floral, with notes of sweet spices, smooth, fresh and elegant.
Distillation method: steam distilled with continuous distillation Ageing: in oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months Alcohol content: 50% Appearance: perfectly clear, straw- yellow colour Bouquet: Intense and honest, the initial alcohol flavour is followed by  scents ranging from floral and fruity notes to delicate hints of vanilla and wood Taste: a marked impact with a prevalence of alcohol Aftertaste: reconfirmation of the scents noticed  in the bouquet Serving temperature: 17°c Recommended glass: medium  tulip-shaped crystal glass.
Straw yellow, perfectly transparent, intense, clean and decisive, with hints of vanilla and woodsy notes.
The labels. This small, 70cl size champagne-type bottle, made out of thick, coppery yellow glass, has a black label, as would befit a prized sparkling wine and it is signed by Settimio Sparapani, the founder of the Frati Bianchi Winery, as his personal guarantee that this Grappa Riserva is of the absolute finest quality.
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